Saturday, January 22, 2011

Inspiration From Strange Places

I feel I've been most remiss in my posting lately, but it has been a week of insanity in many ways, good and bad, and time is the one thing that always seems to be running short.  However, a burst of writing inspiration, stemming from an unexpected source, has much improved the last few days, though it has also left me somewhat sleep-deprived.  At least I feel I have certainly earned this weekend, and I may even sleep in until (gasp) 7 AM tomorrow!  Seriously, that's two and half hours more sleep than I usually get.

So, writing!  The inspiration is finally returning, after a long dry spell when I began to seriously doubt whether I had anything even remotely resembling talent.  The flow is steadily improving now, however, mostly owing to an angry paragraph written several days ago.  It was meant to be therapeutic writing, because I was seriously pissed off, but it has been gradually turning into something longer and much more interesting.  So far it's still in the vague developmental stage, but it's coming along nicely in my imagination as well as on the page, and someday soonish I may even feel comfortable enough to divulge some plot details, or at least basic themes.  For now I'm more comfortable leaving it vague.

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