Friday, August 10, 2012

Recent Life in Photos

I have intended to write an interesting post for some time now.  I sit down, stare at the screen, and nothing happens, even though I come up with fabulous ideas in the shower or at the farmers' market.  Luckily, the new novel is being somewhat less problematic.  Oh, the difficulties involved in writing about real life!

In any case, today, for lack of great words, I'm using pictures.  (Just a side note, there is only one day left to enter to win a signed copy of Violet Shadows.  See the widget on the right.)

 Our latest dance project was a tribute to "The Ballerina Project" and Jordan Matter Photography's "Dancer's Among Us," which both portray dancers in unlikely locations.  Here it is Chewelah style.

Mallorie, aside from being a lovely ballet dancer, is also a red belt in Taekwando.  Don't mess with her.

 Inspecting the engine of my parents' 1941 GMC.

...and as a bonus, here is Ferdinand making friends with our new puppy, Leo.


  1. What great pics. I like the '41 GMC. Is that in your parents yard? And Ferdie and the puppy...will be fun watching them grow. How big will the pup get? Name? Great job Mel. Looking forward to the next book too. Miriam

  2. Sorry, missed seeing Leo. Cutie...

  3. Thanks! Leo won't get much bigger than he is now, and yes, the '41 GMC is in my parents' yard. :-)