Thursday, December 15, 2011

Controversy vs. Dancing Snow Angels

So...I promised my friend Tara, a fairly controversial blog post concerning my experiences with our country's health care system.  This week I'd been getting my ideas together and thinking things out concerning it.  The plan was to write it this evening.  Then a funny thing happened.  This afternoon I had my regular ballet class, followed by rehearsal.  Afterwards, I was standing out on the sidewalk with a friend while we waited for her ride, chatting about various things.  There was a nice layer of fluffy white snow on the ground, and somehow or other we started making pictures in it with our feet, flowers and curlicues across the lawn.  Then we moved to the other side of the sidewalk and made snow angels, a horse, a camel...running about like children, covered in snow and laughing.  It was the best time I've had in quite a while, a delightful moment of pure enjoyment in the midst of more complicated life.  I still intend to write about my experiences with the health care system, but I can't tonight.  It seems so drab, and tonight I want nothing to do with drab.  I will end my day with moonlight on snow and the sound of laughter, and leave more serious and dull subjects for another day.

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